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News and events


  • 21 October: Le nuove sfide del diritto al cibo
  • 7 October: FAO Global Youth Talent Virtual Career Fair, organised by FAO
  • 26-28 July: Food Systems Pre-Summit, organised by UN Secretary General
  • 12 May: How to transition to nutrition-sensitive and sustainable food systems, organised by FAO elearning Academy
  • 7 May: FAO’s Parliamentarian Partnerships’ contribution to laws in support of Zero Hunger (SDG 2) and Food Loss and Waste (SDG 12), organised by FAO
  • 22 April: Global Marathon for Sustainability organised by Future Food Institute and FAO elearning Academy
  • 2 March: Brexit Webinar Series: Focus on Intellectual Property, organised by ICC Italia
  • 14 January: The rainbow within Covid19: A special talk with Ilaria Capua


  • 9 June: Promoting Collaborative Research for Sustainable Agri-Food Systems for Achieving Agenda 2030, organised by FAO
  • 27 May: International Technical Webinar - Climate Smart Agriculture: Loss of Biodiversity and the Uncertainties associated with Climate Change, organised by FAO
  • 28 April: Sustainable food systems and nutrition: Making Agriculture and Food Systems Nutrition-Sensitive, organised by FAO eLearning Academy, Agreenium (l'Institut agronomique, vétérinaire et forestier de France) and UN-ESCAP (United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific)
  • 23 April: Food & Beverage on line: come trasferire il tuo business sul web. Focus su Ho.Re.Ca., organised by ICC Italia
  • 15 April: Emergenza sanitaria e tutela del consumatore: interventi dell'Autorità Antitrust
  • 25 March: Post Harvest Food Losses, organised by FAO
  • 5 March: Public-Private sector collaboration: The link between digital technology, trade and sustainable food chains organised by ICC, FAO and Australian Embassy
  • 13-14 January: Dalla Sicurezza più Qualità, organised by Arma dei Carabinieri Salute e Agroalimentare


  • May 24, Luiss - Workshop - Food Law meets Ashwani K. Muthoo
  • May 17, FAO - Hack for SDGsStudents of the LL.M. in Food Law were among the winners of the first Hackathon at FAO
  • May 11, Luiss - Workshop - Innovation and regulation in the agri-food sector: present and future challenges
  • March 22, "Food class actions", held by Avv. Fabrizio Paratore (Partner at Paratore & Partners Law Firm) took place at Gelit s.r.l., one of the most important leading brands and innovators since the early nineties in the market of the first frozen dinners. 
  • March 8,  FAO - Seminar organized by the FAO Technical Network on Sustainable Crop Production and Agroecology. 
  • March 1st, within the class held by Guido Foglia and  Lorenzo Attolico di NCTM, Virgilio Maretto, CEO and Founder of the start-up POSTI,  intervened.
  • February 15,  Emma Mcghie and Yannick Fiedler from FAO Capacity Development Office delivered a lecture on "Responsible agricultural investment". The lecture aimed to familiarize the students with the rationale, content and background of the Principles for Responsible Investment in Agriculture and Food Systems (#CFSRAI). - Programme 
  • February 8, Special lecture on "Labelling"  by Massimiliano Colognesi, Legal Counsel at Ab InBev, organised together with the Luiss Career Service. 
  • February 1st,  FAO - Food loss and waste law - throughout the value chain - The event was co-organized by the Luiss School of Law, the Partnerships and South-South Cooperation Division (DPSP) and FAO's Nutrition and Food Systems Division (ESN).
  • February 1st, LL.M. in Food Law Graduation Cerimony - Round Table on Food loss and waste - Programme


In the context of The International Symposium on Agricultural Innovation for Family Farmers to be held at FAO headquarters next 21-23 November 2018, Ms. Melissa Bozzolini, a student from the Luiss LL.M. in Food Law, has been invited as speaker in the panel “Youth as drivers of innovation” together with fellows from India, Nicaragua, Ghana, Tobago, US.

We are particularly proud to see Italy being represented by one of our LL.M. student in this important event and we thank Melissa for her contribution!

  • November 15, Recruiting day organised by AB InBev company - Programme
  • October 11-12, LUISS, Third session WFO Gymnasium - Programme
  • September 28, Opening of the 3rd edition of the LL.M. in Food Law - Programme
  • June 5, 2018 - IFAD - Promoting Partnerships and Knowledge Sharing to Meet SDG1 and SDG2 - Programme
  • March 23, FAO - Monitoring the Use and Application of the Right to Food Guidelines - Programme
  • March 23, Gelit s.r.l. – Visit at the Gelit plant, one of the most important leading brands and innovators in the market of the first frozen dinners
  • February 26, Luiss Guido Carli - FERRERO, Job opportunities in the food secto
  • January 27, Luiss Guido Carli - Degree conferring ceremony a.y. 2016/2017, Programme


  • December 2, LUISS Guido Carli - Food recovery State of play and future challenges, Programme 
  • November 20, FAO - The Role of Trade in Improving Nutritional Outcomes, Programme
  • October 24, FAO - Trade and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, Programme
  • October 13, LUISS Guido Carli - Trade and Terroir: Canada's Food Laws and CETA, Programme
  • October 11, FAO - The Role of Food Security and Nutrition Governance in Promoting the Right To Food, Programme
  • October 10, FAO - The Voluntary Guidelines for Sustainable Soil Management for The Achievement of a Zero Hunger World, Programme.
  • October 10, FAO - Tackling the Challenges of Climate Change and Food Security: The Role of Farmers ss Stewards of The Environment, Programme
  • October 10, FAO - Integrating Nutrition in Practice in Sustainable Agricultural Programs and Policies, Programme
  • October 9, FAO - Market Development for Nutrition. Best Practices and Policies to develop Food Systems for Improved Nutrition at Scale, Case Studies from Uganda, Zambia and Rwanda, Programme
  • October 9, FAO - IIa & b Opening & The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World, Programme
  • October 7, LUISS Guido Carli - “Gymnasium”, in collaboration with World Farmers Organization, Programme
  • September 29, FAO - Film Screening "Food Evolution", Programme
  • September 29, LUISS Guido Carli -  Lectio magistralis by Beatrice Lorenzin Minister of Health, Programme