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Network and Internships

Specific care is dedicated to the opening of concrete working perspectives after the attainment of the diploma. Several contacts with the ‘world’ of food related activities, organizations and institutions are proposed already during the courses and connected initiatives. Thereafter, there will be a wide offer of stages and traineeships in the various specific comparts of students’ potential interest.

To date, internships have been kindly offered by:

School of Law, as part of the extended network of Luiss Guido Carli University, has promoted several agreements with organisations and global institutions which have already offered their support to the master. These partnerships are critical for Luiss commitment to provide an excellent professional preparation and improve the educational experience of its students.

Institutional partners:


The Master in Food Law has promoted the signing of an Internship Agreement between Luiss University and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations.

Thanks to this agreement two students from the Master in Food Law will have the chance to be assigned as intern at FAO to support the FAO Decentralized Offices and FAO Divisions on overall themes related to food safety, social and environmental protection, responsible investment, value chain economics. This is a unique opportunity for the students to enrich their academic knowledge with a practical work experience in a field related to the work of FAO.

The Internship Agreement, which follows the signing of a Collaboration Agreement in September 2019, is an important step forward in the cooperation between Luiss University and FAO and testifies Luiss ongoing commitment in raising awareness particularly in the younger generations on food security and sustainable development.


ICC Italy is the National Committee, based in Rome, of the International Chamber of Commerce. ICC as the world's largest business organization, founded in Paris in 1919, is the institutional representative of 45 million companies in more than 100 countries. ICC Italy promotes an open system of international trade and investment, supporting professionals and small, medium and large Italian companies in facing the challenges and seizing the    opportunities offered by globalization.

At the end of 2021, a collaboration agreement between the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), ICC Italia and Luiss - LL.M. Food Law has been signed. The aim of this agreement is to enhance a mutual cooperation among the institutions to promote the Luiss Master in Food Law. ICC Italia will be responsible to host as apprentices a maximum of three students, for a period of either 3 or 6 months. In this manner the goal of enriching the learning experience with a training opportunity within an international institution with a distinctive eye on the commercial trade is achieved.


ICQRF is one of the major European control bodies of the agri-food sector. At the national level, ICQRF is responsible for the prevention and repression of fraud in the trade of agri-food products, the supervision of registered quality production (DOP, IGP, BIO etc), and the proper functioning of inter-professional agreements. At European and global level, it represents an ex officio and coordinating authority on wine and “Made in Italy” quality in all EU countries.

ICQRF and Luiss School of Law have recently renewed their collaboration agreement. Because the Luiss Master in Food Law covers subject matters and develops skills of interest for ICQRF, the parties of the agreement have established that ICQRF will host up to 6 curricular traineeships for students attending the Master.


Mipaaf is responsible for the elaboration and coordination of agricultural, agri-food, forestry, fisheries and equestrian policies at national and international level. It represents Italy at European level in the negotiation and implementation of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the subjects of competence. The Ministry coordinates inspections on the agri-food and fishing sector through the control bodies which are the Central Inspectorate for Fraud Repression - ICQRF, the Coast Guard and the Command for the protection of forestry, environment and agri-food of the Carabinieri.

MIPAAF and Luiss School of Law are committed to providing excellent professional preparation to their students and employees. Therefore the two institutions have renewed their agreement providing that MIPAAF will host up to 6 curricular traineeships for students attending the Master. In light of this agreement, the study and the development of the Food Law areas of interest are not only facilitated, but mostly developed through the enrichment due to the common experience.


Here is the interview with Francesco Mattina President of CPVO

CVPO is a European Union agency, established in 1994, which manages the European Union system of plant variety rights covering the 27 Member States. Its task is to administer a system of plant variety rights, also known as plant breeders’ rights, a form of intellectual property right relating to plants. The CPVO manages the largest system of plant variety rights in the World. Since the creation of the CPVO in 1995 the office has received over 61,000, of which it granted over 47,000 applications, with over 25,000 titles currently in force.

At the end of 2021, CPVO and the Luiss School of Law have signed an administrative agreement in order to educate specialists in the field of Intellectual Property in the agri-food sector and achieve a greater awareness of this subject matter. In this regard, the main object of this Administrative Arrangement is the offer of internships by the CPVO to recent graduates or students from the MFL. Thus both institutions will mutually cooperate to sponsor and promote the reciprocal activities in the agri-food sector.


EUIPO is the European Union Intellectual Property Office responsible for managing the EU trade mark and the registered Community design. The EUIPO is a strong support to the internal market of the EU, as its founders intended. It is an EU agency with a truly global reach, protecting innovation and creativity across the Union, and playing its part to strengthen intellectual property at European and international level. It also works with the IP offices of the EU Member States and international partners to offer a similar registration experience for trademarks and designs across Europe and the world.

At the end of 2021, EUIPO and the Luiss School of Law have signed a memorandum of understanding whereby both institutional partners commit themselves to increase the awareness on themes related to IP protection, through the support of common activities and through the free access to the IP Teaching Kit for students and lectures of the Master in Food Law ( ; In addition, EUIPO will welcome students of the Master in Food Law as interns enabling them to put into practice the knowledge acquired during their studies and their first professional experiences.


The World Farmers'​ Organisation (WFO) is an International organisation which aims to bring together all the national producer and farm cooperative organisations with the objective to develop policies that favor and support farmers'​ causes in developed and emerging countries around the world.  WFO's work covers all agriculture related thematic areas including forestry, aquaculture and fisheries, environment, trade, extension, research and education.

Luiss School of Law and WFO-OMA have renewed their agreement whereby the two institutions committed to improve the educational experience of the students and facilitate their professional choices through experience in the field, especially related to the overall food production and distribution chain. WFO commit to welcome up to 4 students for a traineeship for a period of either three or six months. Through this mutual collaboration and advanced training, the Luiss School of Law and WFO maximize the impact of the activities carried out by each party