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Career Opportunities

Graduates from Luiss Master (LL.M.) in Art Law acquire the necessary knowledge and experience to work for:

  • Museums, Art Galleries, Foundations:

Art lawyers are particularly valuable as in-house counsels in museums, art galleries and foundations given the peculiar features of such kind of business, which requires highly qualified legal practitioners with multidisciplinary skills and an understanding of the complexity of legal issues pertaining the art sector on a national, supranational and international level.

  • Law Firms:

A growing number of law firms and consulting firms are focusing on Art Law given the exponential growth of the global art market, the increasing demand for contractual services related to the circulation and exhibition of artworks as well as the rising need for litigation and dispute resolution services in the art industry, all aspects which require experience in a wide range of legal fields, traditionally managed through separate “legal departments”.

  • Business and Trade Associations, Auction Houses:

Given its interdisciplinary nature, studying Art Law allows to pursue a legal career in the framework of business and trade organisations in charge of regulating, supervising, and promoting the art market. Participants may also acquire the skills necessary to work in auction houses and conduct auctions of cultural property of the highest value.

  • Supranational and International Organizations:

The increasing focus posed on the importance of protecting, preserving, and safeguarding cultural heritage due to its utmost value has resulted, from the establishment of the UNESCO onwards, in the creation of various entities operating at the supranational and international level for ensuring the protection of works of art and for supervising their circulation in compliance with international and European law.