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Art Law

Italy and Art: a long-standing relationship.

Italy has always been synonymous of art and history. Artistic beauties are everywhere, and every corner of the Country holds endless and wonderful surprises.

Italy is a dense intertwining of works that live in a natural communion between landscape and culture, history and art, architecture and urban planning. Italy has the largest number of artistic and cultural assets declared World Heritage by UNESCO, with 55 sites included in the World Heritage List. Moreover, Italy is the main seat of worldly renowned museums, Foundations and art galleries hosting permanent and temporary exhibitions from renowned as well as emerging artists.

Rome, in particular, the “Eternal City”, is the symbol of history and art, known in every corner of the Planet. The cultural heritage of Rome reconstructs three millennia of history, from the times of the Roman Empire to modern days. For these reasons, Rome has always been one of the main attractions in Italy for scholars, artists and tourists.

All these elements make Italy, and, especially, Rome, the ideal location for advanced studies in Art Law and the perfect observatory, from an international and European perspective, for the numerous legal issues regarding the entire art market. Studying in Italy may also increase the potential working in one of the aforementioned organizations and Foundations.