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Academic Program

The program involves a combination of core and elective courses, as well as specific labs and clinics to enhance the professional skills of participants.

All participants are required to complete all core courses. Those students wishing to acquire the Master of Law (LL.M) mention as part of the final title of “Master Universitario di Secondo Livello” are expected to select among the specialized Master of Law (LL.M) elective courses.

The academic program requires students to complete all the courses on their study plan. Students will be evaluated at the end of each course and may also be invited to seminars. The academic program may change as instructed by the Directors of the Master.

Core Courses (20 hours unless otherwise stated)

  • The Expansion of EU Policy Making and Integration (Maria Elena Cavallaro & Benedetto Zaccaria)
  • The EU Legal Order: Constitutional Principles (Robert Schütze)
  • EU Policy Making and Regulation (Mark Thatcher & Simon Bulmer)
  • EU Institutions in Action (Enzo Moavero Milanesi)
  • Eurozone Economic Policies and Governance (Francesco Saraceno & Marco Simoni)
  • EU Competition Law and Policies (Mark Thatcher & Roberto Pardolesi)
  • The EU Internal Market (Daniele Gallo) (10 hours)
  • The EU Judicial System: Remedies and Procedures (Marc Jaeger)
  • The EU and the World (Luigi Narbone & Vincenzo Grassi)

Specialised Master of Law (LL.M.) Courses (10 hours unless otherwise stated)

  • The Law of the Economic and Monetary Union (Gian Luigi Tosato & Chiara Zilioli) (20 hours)
  • The EU in the Global Energy Transition: Legal Dimensions (Jorge Viñuales)
  • Fundamental Rights in the EU (Leonard Besselink)
  • Consumer Protection, Food Safety and Healthcare Law (Daniela Corona)
  • EU Criminal Law (Valsamis Mitsilegas) (5 hours)
  • EU Law & Technology (Sofia Ranchordas) (5 hours)
  • EU Citizenship in the Times of the Rule of Law Crisis (Dimitry Kochenov)
  • EU Competition Law and Market Regulation: The Case of Public Services (Daniele Gallo)

Specialised Policy Courses (20 hours)

  • Digital Europe, Data Protection and Cyber Security (Lorenzo Pupillo)
  • European Environment and Climate Policies (Venere Stefania Sanna & Stefano Verde)
  • Policy Employment and Social Affairs (Luisa Corazza & Stefano Sacchi)
  • Energy Policy (Francesco Maria Salerno & Simone Mori)
  • Cohesion Policy (Robert Leonardi)

Labs and clinics

  • EU Law Clinical Course No. 1: Avv. Gambaro, Prof. Salerno & Avv. Zampa (9 hours)
  • EU Law Clinical Course No. 2: Dr. Julia Rapp (European Commission) (3 hours)
  • EU Law Clinical Course No. 3: Josè Antonio Gutierrez Fons (Lenaert's Referendaire) (4 hours)
  • How to Submit a Project for EU Funding (Alessandro Costa; Antonella Sarro) (10 hours)