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Academic Program

The program involves a combination of core and elective courses, as well as specific labs and clinics to enhance the professional skills of participants.

All participants are required to complete all core courses. Those students wishing to acquire the Master of Law (LL.M) mention as part of the final title of “Master Universitario di Secondo Livello” are expected to select among the specialized Master of Law (LL.M) elective courses.

Core Courses

  • The Expansion of EU Policy Making and Integration
  • The EU Legal Order: Constitutional Principles
  • EU Policy Making and Regulation
  • EU Institutions in Action
  • Eurozone Economic Policies and Governance
  • EU Competition Law and Policies
  • The EU Internal Market and Beyond
  • The EU Judicial System: Remedies and Procedures
  • The EU and the World

Specialised Master of Law (LL.M.) Courses

  • The Law of the Economic and Monetary Union
  • The EU in the Global Energy Transition: Legal Dimensions
  • Fundamental Rights in the EU
  • Consumer Protection, Food Safety and Healthcare Law 
  • EU Criminal Law
  • EU Administrative Law
  • The Tense Relationship between the CJEU and National Constitutional/Supreme Courts, Jean Monnet Course.

Specialised Policy Courses

  • Digital Europe, Data Protection and Cyber Security
  • European Environment and Climate Policies
  • Employment and Social Affairs in the EU: Legal and Policy Dimensions
  • Energy Policy
  • Cohesion Policy

Lab and Clinics

  • EU Law Clinics
  • How to Submit a Project for EU Funding.

The academic program involves a final thesis which the candidate is expected to draft on a subject of choice but related to the topics discussed in any of the core and elective courses.