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The Faculty of the Master is composed of renowned scholars, high officials of regulatory bodies and institutions, as well as prominent agricultural, industrial, commercial operators and legal experts. Below you may find the list of the lecturers whom held classes during past editions of the LL.M.

Pia Acconci, Professor of European Union Law at University of Teramo; Francesco Alicino, Professor, School of Government, Luiss Guido Carli; Vittoria Alliata-Floyd, DG, European Commission; Jorge Baca Alvarez, Ontier Perù; Adriana Apollonio, Deputy Permanent Representative of the Italian Mission to  IFAD, WFP; Felice Assenza, General Director, MIPAAF; Lorenzo Attolico, Lawyer, NCTM Law Firm; Cristiano Bacchini, Lawyer at BMLex Law Firm; Cesare Baratta, CEO at La Felinese Salumi S.p.A.; Maurizio Bellacosa, Lawyer, Professor at Luiss University; Rui Benfica, Lead Economist at the Research and Impact Assessment Division, Strategy and Knowledge Department, IFAD; Luca Bianchi, Former Head of the Department of Competitive Policies, Agri-food Quality, Horse Racing and Fisheries, MIPAAF; Fabio Boncinelli, Researcher in agricultural and food economics at University of Florence; Celso Boscariol, Partner at Watson Goepel LLP; Carlo Brera, Italian National Institute of Health; Camelia Bucatariu, Technical Officer (Food Waste), FAO; Maria Pia Bucella, Directorate-General for Environment – European Commission; Biagio Calcavecchia, Quality Manager, EcorNaturaSì; Irene Canfora, Professor, School of Law at University of Bari; Alfredo Caprioli, Manager, Italian National Institute of Health; Sonia Carmignani, Pro Rector Vicar, Professor School of Law at University of Siena; Cristina Celac, Managing Consultant, Marsh Risk Consulting; Alessandro Chelli, CEO - Apio s.r.l.; Arianna Chines, Doctor in Biological Sciences at Freelancer; Giulio Ciompi, Ontier Italia Law Firm; Serena Cioffi, Head of Compliance Risk Advisory at Marsh Risk Consulting Services; Renata Clarke, Chief of FAO’s Food Safety and Quality Unit; Cinzia Coduti, Legal Consultant at the Environment and Territory area of ​​Coldiretti; Marieclaire Colaiacomo, Programme Officer at IFAD; Paola Colombo, DG, European Commission; Alberto Contini, Lawyer, IP Law, Galli Law Firm; Piero Corigliano, Lawyer, NCTM Law Firm; Marion Marie Couvreur, Alibaba Deputy Director, Global IP Enforcement; Daniela Corona, Ph.D, Coordinator, LUISS LL.M. in Food Law; Fabiano de Andrade Correa, PhD, Legal specialist, Sustainable Development Law and Policy, FAO; H.R.H. Princesse Viktória de Bourbon de Parme Kingdom of the Netherlands; Ercole de Vito, Lawyer, Head of Business Development at ICC Italy, Coordinator, LUISS LL.M. in Food Law; Theo de Jager, President, World Farmers’ Organization (WFO), Rome; Beatrice Deli, Lawyer, Professor of International Law, Secretary General of the Italian Association for Arbitration-AIA and ICC Italy; Vincent Derbali, European Commission;  Federico Desimoni, CEO Consorzio Aceto Balsamico di Modena; Dirk Detken, Head of the Legal and Regulatory Affairs Unit of EFSA; Tobias Dolle, Fratini&Vergano; Dario Dongo, Lawyer, Founder of Great Italian Food and The journal Il Fatto Alimentare; Antonio Fernandez Dumont, EFSA; Alessandro El-Khourym, European Commission, DG TAXUD; Khaled El Taweel, Alternate Permanent Representative of the Arab Republic of Egypt to FAO, IFAD and WFP and representative for UNIDROIT and IDLO IFAD Representative;  Moez El-Shohdi, Co-Founder & CEO, The Egyptian Food Bank;  Dirk Essmann, Group Buying Director at EDEKA; Valentino Fabbian Alibert, President of ALIBERT 1967 S.r.l.; Valeria Falce, Professor of Economic Law at the European University of Rome;  Ayman Farid Abu Hadid, Professor at Faculty of Agriculture, Ain Shams University;   Daniele Fattibene, Researcher at Istituto Affari Internazionali; Maurizio Favaro, ICC Italia; Francisco Fenoy, Ontier Spain; Matteo Ferrari, Professor of Private Law at University of Trento; Massimiliano Ferrero, Head of Commercial – Deliveroo; Yannick Fiedler, FAO; Corrado Finardi, Expert in managing food safety and quality systems, Coldiretti; Giulio Finzi, Netcomm; Guido Foglia, Lawyer, NCTM Law Firm; Laura Formichella, NCTM; Angela Frigo, Liaison Officer to the Secretary-General for EU and International Relation, Fondazione Banco Alimentare;  Cesare Galli, IP_Galli Law Firm; Simone Gambuto, Fieldfisher; Romolo Ganzerli, Founder – MammaPack; Christie García, Ontier Miami; lettra Gaspari, Junior Associate, BONELLI EREDE Law Firm; Francesca Gerini, Professor at Univeristy of Florence;  Alberto Germanò, Lawyer, Institute of International and Comparative Agricultural Law – IDAIC;  Marco Gervasio, Lawyer, Legal Counsel, Ferrero;  Gustavo Ghidini, Professor of IP and competition law at University of Milan, Lawyer, Ghidini Girino & Associati Law Firm;  Stefano Giansanti, Agricultural Entrepreneur; Francesco Granata, Senior Associate at NCTM; Margaret Rosso Grossman, Professor Emerita and Bock Chair in Agricultural Law Emerita - ‎University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign;  Franco Guariglia, Lawyer, Group Legal and Corporate Affairs Director, Barilla Company;  Daniele Guarnieri, General Counsel of Nestlè; Luca Guidobaldi, Managing Associate at NCTM; Hassan Habouyoub, Ambassador of Marocco; Stuart Harrop, Kingston University, London; Gina Hernandez, NCTM Dominican Republic; Derick Hernandez , NCTM Dominican Republic; Ignacio Henriquez, Chile; Jana Herold, FAO;  Gilbert F. Houngbo, President, IFAD; Nash Huntley, Founder & Chief Strategist at Nash Huntley Brand; Mariangela Iannaccone, Lawyer, Research assistant at Sapienza University, Rome;  Lee Ann Jackson, Counsellor, World Trade Organization;  Barbara Klaus, Lawyer at Rödl & Partner Law Firm; Dr. Gijs Kleter, Scientist at Wageningen University, Amsterdam; Karola Krell (Food Lex); Peter Kruger, CEO Startup Bootcamp, Rome;  Harry Kuiper, RIKILT, Institute of Food Safety, Wageningen University and Research Centre;  Andrea La Mattina, BONELLI EREDE Law Firm; Pamela Lattanzi, Professor at University of Macerata; Michele Laurino, Senior Legal Counsel – eBay; Fabio Lampugnani, Muratori Law Firm; Vincenzo Lenucci, Head of the Economic Area and Study Center at Confagricoltura;  Luca Leone, Postdoctoral Fellow in Legal Philosophy at the Faculty of Economics and Law of the Catholic University of Piacenza;  Bin Liu, Nutrition and Food Systems Officer at FAO;   Erik Longo, Professor at University of Macerata;  Marco Luci, author of “Linea Verde” Television Italian Program;  Nicola Lucifero, Lawyer, LCA Law Firm;  Agostino Macrì, Professor at Campus Biomedico, Food Security, Unione Nazionale Consumatori;  Loutphi Madani, Lawyer, Senior Legal Officer, Head LEGM Branch WFP;  Davide Magnolia, Shipping, yachting and insurance lawyer at LCA Studio; Daniela Mainini, President of the National Anti-Counterfeiting Council; Fabio Malosio, Business Development - Blockchain Solution Leader - IBM Food Trust; Federica Manca, Competition and Market Authority; Ombredane Manon, Keller and Heckman; Martin Märkl, Senior Stakeholder Engagement Manager, Bayer AG, Monheim, Germany;  Luca Maroni, author of the book “I Migliori Vini”, wine expert; Darlan Marti, WTO; Marco Marzano de Marinis, Secretary General, World Farmers' Organization WFO, Rome; Emma Mcghie, FAO;  Luca Melchionna, Managing Member at Melchionna, PLLC- Counselor for Legal Affaris at EPLO European Public Law Organization; Nicolò Merendino, Associate Professor at the University of Viterbo "La Tuscia";  Christian Mestre, Professor at the Law and Political science Faculty at University of Strasbourg; Manfredi Minutelli, Responsible for Country Key Accounts & Government Relations Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece - Alibaba Group; Marina Miraglia, Research and Training Consortium on Food Safety – RIFOSAL;  Enzo Moavero Milanesi, Dean of the LUISS School of Law; Roberto Moncalvo, President Coldiretti, The Bankruptcy Company (TBC); Erminio Monteleone, Professor of Sensory Food Science at Florence University;  Pablo Enrile Mora-Figueroa, Ontier Spain; Giancarlo Moretti, Lawyer, IP Law, Galli Law Firm;  Valentina Muiesan, First Counsellor, Deputy Permanent Representative - Italian Mission to the International Organizations in Rome; Filippo Muratori, Muratori Law Firm; Gabriella Muscolo, Member of the Competition and Market Authority, AGCM;  Gianmarco Navarra, Lawyer at NCTM Law Firm;  Andrea Nervi, Lawyer, Professor at Università di Sassari;  Bernard O'Connor Head of the Brussels Office - NCTM Law Firm; Mons. Slawomir Oder, Vicariatus Urbis; Luis de Osuna, Director of the Agri-Food and Distribution Sector - Ontier Spain; Giovannibattista Pallavicini, Public Affair Manager at Confindustria ASSICA - Associazione Industriali delle Carni e dei Salumi;  Claudia Paoletti, EFSA;  Fabrizio Paratore, Lawyer, Partner Nobiloni & Paratore Law Firm; Luca Pardo, Ontier Law Firm; Michele Pasca Raymondo, European Commission, DG AGRI;  Patrick Pelliccione, Council Directors at International Cheese Council of Canada; Michel Petit, Associate professor at Institut Agronomique Mediterraneen, Michigan State University, Montpellier, France;  Gian Luca Petrillo, Head of Corporate Affairs – Deliveroo; Luigi Petrillo, Professor, Sapienza University of Rome, Unitelma;  Valeria Piergigli, Professor at the School of Law of the University of Siena; Giuseppe Pignanelli, Travaglini Spa; Valentina Predazzi, European Patent Attorney at Società Italiana Brevetti; Paolo Quattrocchi, Partner at NCTM; Francesca Rogai, Lawyer at NCTM Law Firm;  Roberto Romito, Senior Counsel, International Tax at Fieldfisher;  Mauro Rosati, Director General of the Qualivita Foundation; Marcela Rosolen, Brazil; Daniele Rossi, Delegate Research & Innovation, Confagricoltura Chairman WP Research & Innovation, Copa Cogeca Chairman National Food Technology Platforms – Food for Life;  Giulia Rossi, Head of Communication Office and Editorial Team of Future Food Institute/Food Innovation Program;  Massimiliano Rossi, Sales & Marketing Director, Pac2000, TODIS; David Röttgen, Lawyer at Ambientalex Law Firm;  Annalisa Saccardo, Policy Advisor at Confederazione Nazionale Coldiretti; Cristina Sala, Corporate Governance; Roy Santana, WTO;  Ruggiera Sarcina, It. Chamber of Commerce in Canada –Montreal; Rosalinda Scalia, Policy Officer in Plant Health, EU Commission - DG SANTE;  Alberto Schépisi, professor at John Cabot University; Stefano Silvi, Agronomist – pOsti; Jürg Simon, Attorney at Law, Lenz & Staehelin Law Firm; Elisabetta Siracusa, Deputy Head of Cabinet of Phil Hogan, European Commissioner for Trade; Eleonora Sirsi, Professor at University of Pisa; Gianluca Sgueo, Associate Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the Brussels School of Governance, Italian Ministry of Technological Innovation and Digital Transition; Alejandro Stamoglou, Ontier Mexico; Domenico Stirparo, Food lawyer; Rajinder Raj Sud, Key Expert on Standards and Conformance at the ASEAN Secretariat; Luana Swensson, Legal Consultant FAO; Nicola Tinelli, Political Office Coordinator at Unione Italiana Vini;  Raffaele Torino, Lawyer, Bussoletti Nuzzo & Associati Law firm; Enrico Toti; NCTM; Noemi Trombetti, ITA Group Canada Inc.; Vittorio Turinetti di Priero, Partner, LCA law Firm – Adviser, Arterra Bioscience - Vice President of the Italian Chamber of Commerce of Ontario; Salvatore Vincenzo, Bonelli Eredi Law Firm; Gian Luigi Tosato, Professor at LUISS Guido Carli, Lawyer, Tosato Law Firm;  Colonel Vincenzo Tuzi, Guardia di Finanza for the Repression of Community Fraud;  Stefano Vaccari, Head of ICQRF Department Ministry of Agriculture;  Marco Valletta, European Commission;  Peter Van den Bossche, Director of Studies and Professor of International Economic Law at the World Trade Institute, Bern;  Bernd Van der Meulen, Professor Food Law at Wageningen University European Institute for Food Law; Carmen Fernández Vadillo, Ontier Italia;  Cesare Varallo, Food Lawyer and Founder of; Paolo Vergano, European Lawyers, Fratini Vergano Law Firm; Marcela Villarreal, Director, Partnerships and UN Collaboration Division; Alessandro Vitale, Project Manager -Foodchain; Francesca Volpi, Legal, EFSA; Ren Wang, Assistant Director-General of the Agriculture and Consumer Protection Department, FAO, Rome; Aleksandra Wesolowska, Manager Labelling and Claims Policies, Scientific and Regulatory Affairs Europe, Coca Cola; Maurizio Zincone, GOPA consulting group, Customs and Trade facilitation expert; Massimo Zortea, University of Trento; Giacomo Zorzi, CEO Pasta Lensi.