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Summer School in International Trade and Food Law: Apply Now!

The Summer School in International Trade and Food Law aims to provide students with an in-depth understanding of the relationship between the EU and some of its major trading partners (i.e. The United States, Canada, China, Latin America and ASEAN countries) with particular reference to the trade in agri-food products. For each area under consideration, students are presented with the regulatory framework governing trade in agri-food products and market opportunities for EU food companies. 

The Faculty of the course will be made up of experts in international commercial law from leading Italian and European universities, specialized law firms, international organizations and agri-food companies of international scale.


  • International Trade Law
  • Contract Law
  • Food Law
  • European Food Law
  • Canadian Food Regulation
  • Chinese Food Regulation
  • Latin America Food Regulation
  • US Food Regulation
  • ASEAN countries Food Regulation.

Academic Regulation 2022/2023