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Webinar. Blockchain in the Food Sector: Challenges, Regulation and Trends

27 giugno 2020 ore 10:30


Blockchain is proving to be a strategic tool in various use cases including smart contracts, food safety healthcare data sharing and more.

It is estimated that, in 2019, blockchain has been piercing the food industry at an accelerated pace, and by 2025 the 20% of the top-10 global grocers will use blockchain.

On Saturday, 27 June, from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm some of the main subject matter experts representing Apio, Food Chain, IBM Food Trust, pOsti, and Ontier Law Firm, will discuss about challenges, regulations and trend of the blockchain with a focus on the implication related to the food sector.

The debate will be structured in two interactive moments: first, there will be a technical focus on the legal framework and the specific regulations related to blockchain; then a session “Dialogue with companies” will follow where the participants will have the unique opportunity to discuss and deepen the notions learned directly with the representatives of the major companies specialized in this sector.


Welcome Speech
Gustavo Ghidini Professor of Industrial Law, Director - LL.M. in Food Law, Luiss School of Law

Blockchain: A Regulatory Overview
Luca Pardo Founding Partner, Ontier Law Firm
Giulio Ciompi Senior Lawyer, Ontier Law Firm
Christie Garcia Partner, Ontier Miami

A dialogue with companies
Ercole de Vito Coordinator LL.M. in Food Law, Luiss School of Law 
Luca Pardo Founding Partner, Ontier Law Firm

Alessandro Chelli CEO, Apio s.r.l.
Fabio Malosio Business Development, Blockchain Solution Leader, IBM Food Trust  
Stefano Silvi Agronomist, pOsti 
Alessandro Vitale Project Manager, Foodchain 

The event is organized as part of the LL.M. in Food Law, with the patronage of ICC Italy.

At the end of the event, more info on the LL.M. may be requested to the coordinators of the Master.

Info and registration: