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Understanding Food Law and Regulations

On Friday, May 24th, as part of the Master in Food Law program, an important meeting will be held featuring three distinguished legal experts in the food industry: Daniele Guarnieri, Marco Gervasio, and Simona Musso. During the event, titled Understanding Food Law and Regulations we will delve into the complexities of legal frameworks governing the food sector and explore professional perspectives within the agri-food industry.

Daniele Guarnieri, General Counsel of Nestlé Group Italy & Malta; Marco Gervasio, Head of Legal & Corporate Governance at Ferrero Italia; and Simona Musso, Group General Counsel of Lavazza, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the table. Together, they will not only discuss various aspects of food law and regulations but also offer insights into career opportunities and professional development within the agri-food sector.

This event is also a moment of celebration and sharing as it will be represent also a celebration of the achievement of the Master's degree for the students of the seventh edition. Master diplomas will be awarded to the students, marking their successful completion of the program.