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Italian Judges and Advocates General Shaping European Law (1952-1990s)

June 24, 2022 at 9:30 - 25 June 2022 at 1:30 PM

aula Giovanni Nocco, Campus di via Parenzo 11

Jointly organized by the Luiss Jean Monnet Chair, American University Washington College of Law; University of Naples Federico II

Morning session

Andrea Prencipe Luiss Rector
Antonio Punzi Director of the Luiss Department of Law

Opening Remarks
Vincenzo Amendola Undersecretary for European Affairs at the Italian Government’s Presidency of the Council of Ministers

A Conversation on the Relationship between the CJEU and the (Italian) Constitutional Court, TodayRemembering Giuseppe Tesauro
This panel will be held in Italian
Moderator Roberto Mastroianni CJEU and University of Naples Federico II
Sergio Maria Carbone University of Genoa
Lucia Serena Rossi CJEU
Silvana Sciarra Italian Constitutional Court
Gaetano Silvestri formerly Italian Constitutional Court President
Francesco Viganò Italian Constitutional Court

Concluding Remarks
Antonio Tizzano formerly CJEU Vice-President

Light lunch

Afternoon session

Setting the Scene. Introductory Remarks
Enzo Moavero Milanesi formerly CJEU, Luiss University

Moderator Robert Schütze Luiss and Durham University

  • Panel 1. ECJ JUDGES First Generation (1952-60)

Massimo Pilotti President of the ECJ, 1952-1958
Speaker Vera Fritz University of Luxembourg
Commentator Francesco Bestagno Catholic University of Milan & Permanent Representation of Italy in Brussels

Nicola Catalano (Judge at the ECJ, 1958-1961)
Speaker Tommaso Pavone Arizona University
Commentator Daniela Caruso Boston University School of Law

Rino Rossi (Judge at the ECJ, 1958-1964)
Speaker Amedeo Arena University of Naples Federico II
Commentator Claudia Massa University of Naples Federico II

Moderator Daniele Gallo Luiss Univrsity

  • Panel 2. ECJ/CFI JUDGES/AGs Second Generation (1960-70)

Alberto Trabucchi (Judge at the ECJ, 1962-72 and Advocate General at the ECJ 1973-76)
Speaker Ezio Perillo formerly CJEU
Commentator Morten Rasmussen University of Copenhagen

Riccardo Monaco (Judge at the ECJ, 1964-1976)
Speaker Edoardo Greppi University of Turin
Commentator Ornella Porchia CJEU

Francesco Capotorti (Judge of the ECJ in 1976 and Advocate General at the ECJ, 1976-1982)
Speaker Luigi Daniele Tor Vergata University
Commentator Adelina Adinolfi University of Florence

Giacinto Bosco (Judge at the ECJ, 1976-1988)
Speaker Jacques Ziller formerly Universities of Pavia and Paris 1 Panthéon- Sorbonne
Commentator Daniela Amodeo EULITA President, formerly ECJ interpreter

Conference dinner

Saturday 25th June

Morning session

Moderator Nicola Lupo Luiss University

  • Panel 3. ECJ/CFI JUDGES/AGs Third Generation (1980-1990)

Giuseppe Federico Mancini (Advocate General at the ECJ, 1982-88 and Judge at the ECJ, 1988-1999)
Speaker Vittorio di Bucci European Commission
Commentator Síofra O’Leary ECtHR

Giuseppe Tesauro (Advocate General at the ECJ, 1988-1998)
Speaker Massimo Condinanzi University of Milan
Roberto Mastroianni CJEU
Commentator Fabrice Picod University of Paris 2 Panthéon-Assas

Antonio Mario La Pergola (Judge at the ECJ 1994; 1999-2006 and Advocate General at the ECJ, 1995-99)
Speaker Chiara Amalfitano University of Milan
Commentator Paolo Mengozzi formerly CJEU

Antonio Saggio (Judge at the CFI, 1989-1995, President of the CFI, 1995-1998 and Advocate General at the ECJ, 1998-2000)
Speaker Celestina Iannone CJEU Research and Documentation Directorate
Commentator Fabio Ferraro University of Naples Federico II

Coffee break

Concluding Remarks
Antoine Vauchez University Paris 1 Panthéon- Sorbonne
Laure Clément-Wilz Paris Est Créteil University

A Conversation on the Impact of the National Legal Traditions and Comparative Law Reasoning on the Role and Activity of the EU Judges and Advocates General
Moderator Fernanda Nicola American University, Washington College of Law
Michal Bobek formerly CJEU
Tamara Perišin CJEU
Siniša Rodin CJEU
Eleanor Sharpston formerly CJEU