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Network and Internship

A specific care is dedicated to the opening of concrete working perspectives after the attainment of the diploma. Several contacts with the ‘world’ of food related activities, organizations and institutions are proposed already during the courses and connected initiatives. Thereafter, there will be a wide offer of stages and traineeships in the various specific comparts of students’ potential interest.

To date, internships have been kindly offered by:

The LL.M. in Food Law is part of the extended network of Luiss Guido Carli university.

Moreover, several organizations and global leaders have already provided their support to the master such as:

Institutional Partners:

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image-05/23/2016 - 12:54Unindustria

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The LL.M. in Food Law supports the "UNIDROIT/FAO/IFAD Community of Practice on Legal Aspects of Contract Farming"

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Private Sector:

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