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Litigation before the European Court of Human Rights and Italian legal order: rules and defensive strategies (in Italian)

Deadline to register: 30 June 2019

The course aims to describe the essential features of the human rights protection system established by the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR),with particular regard to the functioning and powers of the European Court of Human Rights and to the conditions for proposing individual appeals. 

The course also aims to examine the relevant norms of the ECHR in their concrete implementation, as well as to evaluate their effects in terms of the status of the provisions of the agreements and the effects of the judgment in Italian law.

The teaching focuses on the jurisprudence of the European Court, with a specific focus on the issues of property law and the application of the principle of legality in the criminal field. It also includes the examination of the techniques for drawing up the appeal with reference to specific cases.

For further details, please visit the dedicated Italian web page.