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Family Law (in Italian)

Registrations are open for the academic year 2021/2022, you can find here the online application. Regulations and information are contained in the Announcement

Lessons will be held in Italian.

This master aims to promote specialization in legal professions, with particular reference to lawyering, ordinary and juvenile judiciary and notary. The goal is to provide:

  • young lawyers with a specific preparation in the people’s right and in the family law;
  • young magistrates with an advanced training in personal and family issues, such as voluntary jurisdiction, adoptions, Juvenile Court duties, separations and divorces;
  • young notaries with a specific preparation aimed at facing the increasingly complex tasks due to internationalization of family and juvenile problems, to the growing importance of non-traditional forms of family coexistence, and to the continuous evolution of forms of administration and asset management (family trusts, family foundations, family pacts, etc.).
  • graduates in juridical subjects with interest in studying in depth the particular aspects of family law, also in anticipation of a professional future in this sector. 
  • graduates in non-juridical subjects with an interest in obtaining a specific enrichment. Graduates in psychological and sociological disciplines will be able to deepen, coherently with their studies, the themes of the family, the protection of minors, and assistance to the elderly. 

The didactic activity will be carried out without neglecting the demographic, socio-cultural, political-religious, ethnic and economic implications which are affecting the structure of the family community today.

For more information, please visit the Italian website at the following link