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Why Food Law at LUISS School of Law

The third edition will run from September 28, 2018: Application Requirements

The LUISS School of Law has drawn specific attention to the LLM in Food Law. It is one of its core programs, conceived and structured to attract an international audience and offer a unique experience.

Language: English is the language of the courses and of the other activities.

Content: the basic legal references are to European Union and international rules and practice. Moreover, the studies go beyond the legal field; where needed, the program also provides the indispensable economic and technical notions.

Widely reputed scholars, high officials of regulatory bodies and institutions, as well as prominent agricultural, industrial, commercial operators and experts, compose the faculty of the LLM program.

The subject matter ranging: from the institutional grounds of food legislation, to the regulatory tenets of safety, security and environmental protection, to the instruments and bodies of quality and traceability monitoring, to the correct safeguard of consumers, to the requirements for certifications of origin, including  "made in", to the legal profiles of distribution and agro-food contractual policies, to the rules of free competition, to the responsibility of business operators along the production-distribution-consumption chain. Special attention is devoted to the regulation of technological innovation in the food sector, as well as to the bio-agriculture technologies.

Laboratories and practice-oriented seminars duly integrate the front lessons. There, experts, actually operating in the various fields related to food regulation and industry, illustrate and discuss with the students their concrete working life experience.

specific care is dedicated to the opening of concrete working perspectives after the attainment of the LLM certificate. Several contacts with the "world" of food related activities, organizations and institutions are proposed already during the courses and connected initiatives. Thereafter, there will be a wide offer of stages and traineeships in the various specific comparts of students' potential interest.

Who will benefit of the LLM in Food Law: all persons wishing to acquire or to improve their studies and their knowledge of the relevant legal aspects of Food Law in a genuine international perspective. All persons wishing to strengthen their education in this field in order to become more effective in their present or future activity, within a wide range of career opportunities in the food sector worldwide: national and international regulatory bodies, specialized law and consulting firms, food industries, governmental and non-governmental organizations, etc. The LLM in Food Law will upgrade not only their professional background and capabilities, but above all their chances to enter or progress in their personal careers, owing to the above mentioned programs, labs and seminars, traineeships, etc., involving person-to-person contact with professors, experts and leading operators.