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Career Opportunities

The LUISS LL.M. Master in Food Law is targeted towards providing highly professional competences and skills to a plethora of figures, professional and otherwise, looking for an opportunity to gain access to the growing world of Food Law.

For attorneys practicing in, or interested in gaining access to, a firm, national or international, opportunities to focus on food law have been steadily increasing so as to meet growing demands of their clients. An ever-growing number of law firm have begun utilizing and practicing food law in conjunction with the most diverse of legal fields, therefore experiencing an increasing need to offer clients transactional, regulatory, and litigation services. As sourcing and consumer markets spread around the globe, these practices have simultaneously expanded to the international level, gaining central relevance in ever-present topics and issues like health and safety, products liability issues, intellectual property enforcement, insurance matters, and various aspects of food labeling.

This program also prepares for a legal career within companies operating the food sector both at the national and international level. These skills are particularly valuable in Italy, especially due to the historical tradition of excellence in every aspect of the food chain.

Graduates of this master will also acquire the skills and expertise to work within the legal departments of the United Nations organizations, such as the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), World Food Program (WFP) and International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), where lawyers provide legal advisory services to the organizations' members, assist in the formulation of treaties, publish legal studies, and maintain databases of national legislation and international agreements. Moreover other fields of work may include the study and analysis of policy topics, as well as researching and advocating the improvement of food security, nutrition, and agricultural practices.

To help current and future graduates achieve these professional milestones, the School of Law of LUISS Guido Carli assures a full-on assistance, ranging from ad hoc training and preparation for job placement activities (CV, Job Interviews, etc.) all the way to identification of career opportunities and relative counseling.

For more information, please contact Dr Lorenzo Valeri, Scientific Manager, LUISS School of Law at:;